Monday, February 16, 2009

If you want to misinterpret history, at least pick an American

In a Washington Post column it becomes apparent who the GOP is determined to follow -- and they won't buy American -- some patriotism:

Rep. Eric Cantor (Va.), the House minority whip who led the fight to deny Obama every GOP vote for the plan, is studying Winston Churchill's role leading the Tories in the late 1930s, a principled minority that was eventually catapulted into power over the Labor Party. He calls the stimulus bill "a stinker."

Okay, let's go through the problems here:

1. I believe it when it is said that Eric Cantor needs to study history;

2. Churchill DID NOT lead the Tories in the late 1930s. That would be Stanley Baldwin and Neville Chamberlain. Churchill took over a war-time "united" government in league with Labor & the Liberals in the Spring of 1940.

3. I love the fact that the Republicans cannot find a Republican to follow on economic policy let alone AN AMERICAN POLITICIAN -- they chose Churchill -- who just happens to be the LAST guy you'd want to ever follow on economic policy.

4. If you follow Churchill's actual career from Irish-home rule to Woman's Suffrage to Social Programs to Nationalized Health Care Churchill got one domestic policy after another wrong. And that's not including his non-domestic errors. The one thing he got right (and granted it was a big one was the Nazis). Other than that not one thing.

5. Finally, if they are talking "ideological" purity, they seem not to note that ol' Winny spent much of his career as a pariah in England because he flipped-flopped from one party to another repeatedly.

These guys know as much about Churchill as they know about cunnilingus.

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