Monday, March 30, 2015

This is becoming a low-rent 'House of Cards' (Lean-to of Post-It Notes?)

Disturbingly weird.


Becks said...

That was my thought when I saw the news on this. Like an poorly written plot line. Maybe, since they were both GOP folks they will find a way to either blame Obama or try to pin it on Hillary... Just sayin.

Hey, does anybody know where Turd Blossom was when this went down? It would be irresponsible NOT to speculate. Amirite?

pansypoo said...

i hear you can catch suicide. like flu.

bs said...

Did you get your shot?

Anonymous said...

I guess he was sad and distraught over the loss of a gravy job due to the suicide of his sad, distraught employer.

Oh, wait, what am I saying? I forget conservatives have no sense of empathy, and mourn no one, except where it gives them a bump as a result. So this really is a mystery, because the aide couldn't have been a true conservative. They just don't carry that empathy gene which allows them to relate to the pain of others. Like gays, they're born that way. So who was he REALLY, and what REALLY happened?

This is every bit as vital a question as what precisely took place in Benghazi, I would think.

Droid4apk said...

i hear you can catch suicide. like flu.

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