Friday, August 19, 2005

An Overachiever at Underachieving

Today is the day that George Bush sets the record for vacation days for an American President, 336. Breaking the record in 4 years and 7 months, impressive in that they woke Reagan up after 8 years to inform him he had set an unbreakable level of iconic detachment.

From being born as the son of a son of a son of wealthy patricians, through the gentlemens grades of "C", to flying jets so as to keep the Viet Cong from invading the Gulf Coast to steal his blow, Dear Leader has been a notible, yet propped up unachiever his entire life. That he could so quickly lounge his way into the Presidential record-books is an impressive act of non-action indeed.

He's the Zonker Harris of Presidents. Way to go, fake Cowboy.

GOLDBRICKER: A person, who avoids assigned duties or work; a shirker.

Cue Shirley Bassey:


He's the man, the man with the modest slouch, a comfy couch.

Such a goldbricker; beckons you to play a round of golf;
but just to wash his balls!


Fractured words he will pour in your ear, but his lies can't disguise what you fear,

for a flighty gal knows when he's kissed her,

it's the smirk of sloth, from Mr. Goldbricker;

Drunk chicks, beware of his mind alseep, his brain is freeped!


(Line before chorus)

He loves only naps
only naps
only naps
he loves naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaps!
he loves naps

Well, and bombing Iraq

and also "dress up"
But mostly naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaps!!!!!

*I realize that picture would also work as "Gold-Picker" or "Nose-Picker" to the same song.

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