Thursday, April 13, 2006

Not much learnin' from History

During the Cuban Missile Crisis, Robert Kennedy was adamant about not preemptively bombing Cuba saying that his brother would "not be the Tojo of the 1960s."

"Hey, I'll be the Tojo for the 21st Century!"

And he will be should he attack Iran. Even though Iran is years away from developing nuclear weapons, it is important before the election for these cretins to play up the threat and scare the fuck out of their base and whatever fools believe them.

I think that Steve Gilliard's assessment is highly likely, but George "There will be no casualties" Bush is a big enough idiot -- a big enough cornerned, desperate idiot -- to never comprehend that:

Let me tell you how this ends. It ends with the US Army fleeing for their lives across 300 miles of open road south from Baghdad. Because we are going to push Iran into supporting a widespread Shia rebellion which will drive us from Iraq.

The idiots in Washington are playing games with a lot of lives.

To say nothing of the effect on energy prices and the domestic (and world) economy which will be substantially harmed. While other nations will join us in turning up diplomatic heat, we are going to be pretty damn lonely (with the exception of Israel) internationally. But hey, it's all about jingoism saving the GOP (i.e. Bush) in November 2006. Real far-sighted people.


Feel the tragi-comic irony from the man who feels McKinley was the bestest President ever!:

Reaching a diplomatic solution over
Iran's nuclear ambitions will be difficult because Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is "not a rational human being," a senior White House adviser said on Wednesday...

..."It's going to be difficult. It's going to be tough because they are led by ideologues who have a weird sense of history," he said...

..."This guy (Ahmadinejad) had the sense that he was mystically empowered and as a result transfixed the audience -- that is not a rational human being to deal with," he said.


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