Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Last of the Sane Republicans

Takes his "WIN" button and checks out.

Meanwhile, David Ignatius pronounces Ford to be spritely and and in good health.

(I'll ignore his efforts to impeach William Douglas, his support of the "SURGE" policy for his time in Vietnam, and his opposition to many great society programs, because he did support the ERA and reproductive rights...because he was, not insane)

Meanwhile, over at the Cornhole, K-Lo in her hack-like way, uses Ford's death to portray Richard Nixon as a hero over Jerry's still warm body.


I should add that one of the things I admire about Ford is how it reflected upon him that he married such a strong-willed woman who was also incredibly brave. From admitting she had breast-cancer to conquering addiction, and being strongly pro-abortion rights and pro-women's rights as well, Betty Ford has probably made as much of a positive contribution to this country as any Presidential Spouse not named Eleanor Roosevelt.

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