Thursday, September 20, 2007


David Broder with what I believe is the FOURTH consecutive Republican Reacharound in his latest column where he says...

In the years since I first met him in 1974, I have learned that it's wise to take Newt Gingrich seriously.

For many with age comes wisdom, but all that's passing from Broder is gas. Naturally, he and gasbag Gingrich get along just great. Oh, and I love that Broder loves Gingrich's tax dodge think tank because it is (I kid you not) "nominally nonpartisan".

So lets summarize Broder's last four columns:

McCain Finds His Footing -- And how has he found his footing? By saying "the surge is working" -- Oh the Beltway, it so has its finger on the pulse of the "people" doesn't it Davey? A rousing 25% approve of Bush's Iraq policy NOW...the same as before.

Romney's Master Plan -- Mitt Romney master artisan of business management, Broder like all those who have never really been in "business" loves the smell of money almost as much as power. Especially from a party of authoritarians that smell of Panteen & Authoritarianism. Funny that Broder didn't hop in the Mitt-Mobile and judge blueberry pies with the Non-Fightin' Romney Brothers.

Lindsey Graham's Realism -- Oh yes, Lindsey Graham asked a question, he asked a question, Davey couldn't love the realism MORE! Of course, Lindsey Graham voted to bloc the restoration of Habeas Corpus...wouldn't even allow a vote; did the same with balanced deployments. But oh he asked a question of David Petraeus that said this was tough, calling on the non-suffering chattering classes to manly continue their non-suffering over the nobility of the non-war-supporting masses that and those that will have to do the suffering. But he asked a question! Bravo, Lindsey, Broder was so excited he piddled on one of your rugs -- good thing it only cost ya' a buck.

And now "Newt's Vision Thing".

Next up, Tom Tancredo's Magic Fence; Fred Thompson's Active Relaxation; Rudy Giuliani's Tough Love.

And of course, "How Harry Reid is worse than Hitler".

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