Friday, December 21, 2012

Thank goodness for Capitalism!

Following our foot of "not news" yesterday there's nothing quite like getting up the next day to the parking spot you shoveled out yesterday to find needs to be shoveled out again...warm up your car a half hour early after a bad night's sleep because your "shoveling muscles" are out of shape.  Oh and after a blizzard passes by it is ALWAYS super cold.

Then you take the dog out while the car's warming up and you have to convince her repeatedly that now would be a good time to relieve herself out of as many orifices as possible because you won't be back for several hours...THEN having accomplished her primary outdoor task because she's old and has snow caught in her paws she hobbles along until you carry her the last 20 yards to warmth and the biscuit well-earned...mostly by you.

Then you get in your warmed up, but still ice and snow laden car, and head off into the frozen landscape of the not very well cleared a very Lake Ladoga 1941-42ish drive through the hellscape with a bunch of other crazed actors that went through the same routine.

But at least I made it to work and can let my car defrost underneath my office building.

And every person living in the northeast and midwest knows what I'm writing about.

No wonder you want to retire somewhere else.


Anonymous said...

For years I have referred to snow as that "white hell"; and that heavier snow as, "heart attack snow".

I often get pushback from my Massachusetts and Maine friends, one of whom waxes poetically about a romantic fire with the falling snow, a glass of wine, a good book, the family dog nearby, yadda-yadda-yadda. And then I remind her, those are all things you do INDOORS!

Doesn't help. They're all nuts up there.

Anonymous said...

And if you have on street parking,
someone will always take the space that you shoveled out

Anonymous said...

Much as I liked living in Madison, I don't miss winter conditions at all...and whenever something here in Louisiana confirms that we have an unfairly large number of regressive, backwards-thinking morons, um, yeah...but at least I don't have to shovel snow any more.

Guess you pick your poison, or have it chosen for you (am from here, and it was the logical place to move back to after graduation>)

WallytheWineGuy said...

It's not that bad. What, are we going to trade Iowa for Louisiana or Florida? Cold weather is a small price to pay for liking my neighbors.

Anonymous said...


pansypoo said...

piffle. taint the donner pass. tho can't complain as we got maybe 3 in.

pansypoo said...

i forgot, this is why cats in the northern climes RULE.

Anonymous said...

You know what would fix this situation? A TAX CUT.

Or move to Northern California.
Mild weather and blue politics.
Just bring lots of money.