Thursday, May 08, 2014

Less a "Death Panel" than a "Death Convention"

One wonders just how craven one has to be when trotting out the blatent lie about "death panels" when the result is this...
If anything close to these results apply, the ACA is saving many lives every year. The new law is projected to cover more than 20 million adults who would otherwise go uninsured. The Massachusetts estimates imply that the ACA will prevent something in the neighborhood of 24,096 deaths every year (simply: 20 million divided by 830). That’s more than twice the number of Americans killed in gun homicides. It’s considerably more than the number of Americans who die from HIV/AIDS.
Time for what, the 837th attempt to repeal this law, rather than expand it?


kingweasil said...

how long before the left shout that the study was done in that bastion of liberalism, Massachusetts?

pansypoo said...

so, the GOP is the death panel.

Unknown said...

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