Monday, April 18, 2005

Tragedy & Insanity

Josh Marshall knew the humanitarian worker named Marla Ruzicka who was killed in Iraq yesterday by a car bomb (as were many others throughout Iraq, including three American soldiers).

Ms. Ruzicka was "an advocate who began a door-to-door survey of civilian casualties in Iraq the day after Saddam Hussein's statue was toppled in April 2003 during the Iraq war. She founded a non-profit organization, Campaign for Innocent Victims In Conflict (CIVIC), and formed survey teams to fan out across Iraq and gather first-hand accounts of civilian casualties."

This is, of course, another sad tragedy in the daily litany of tragedies brought about by Dear Leader's ruinous policies. Ms. Ruzicka was, at 28, a person of great humanitarian accomplishment that make the minimal accomplishments of a middle-aged blogboy embarrassing. To lose such people at such a young age is a tragedy, for if there were more like Ms. Ruzicka the world would be a much greater place.

Of course, Ms. Ruzicka's death is getting minimal coverage, but what should be pointed out is that she worked for an organization that appears to have been funded in some portion by the right-wings largest demon, George Soros.

It will be interesting, and also depressing and morbid, but I'm betting the gang at Little Green Snotbubbles and Freeper Paradise will split between trying to cheer the death of someone who exposed the violence against the innocent perpetuated by the Bush Administration, the way they cheered on that Caterpilar running down Rachel Corrie, while the other group will try to use her death to justify bombing more Iraqi civilians -- the absolute LAST thing this noble person would have wanted.

Of course, some of the Freepers got a jump on such matters while Ms. Ruzicka was alive:

Global Exchange is a "far-left" group that opposes globalization and the U.S. military. Ruzicka, he said, is a fan of Fidel Castro's Cuba and the winner of an award from "the Marxist group Refuse and Resist." -- Lone wacko

And so far, some condolences, and some of these...

1. Remember Rachel Corrie -- an American nonviolent human rights protestor. -- Beyond the sea.

2. Probably less painful way to go than being squished by a bulldozer.
Less funny, at any rate.
I could barely get out a chuckle, myself. -- By wormwood.

3. It's not what you think. She was working for Medea Benjamin, the American Communist who penned the pro-Castro Cuban Revolution book as well as who was caught giving several hundred thousand Dollars to the insurgency in Falluja.

Heck, she was probably *inside* the suicide car bomb, or else outside it nagging the Mujis to get the right wiring. -- by Southhack.

4. She was trying to give comfort to others.
Yeah, the terrorists. No other possibility if she spent 10 years working for Medea Benjamin. Nice pink head scarf she has. -- by AQGeiger

5. She was killed trying to prove her country was evil and that liberating millions of people from tyranny was wrong.

She was killed trying to discredit the US military and the US government.

She was killed trying to make the enemy appear to be good while making her country look bad.

It's too bad that she was killed, but she had no business being there and her activities were traitorous. by Poser.

6. She wasn't a humanitarian. She was a useful idiot. It was poetic justice, not a tragedy. By PDT

7. May her anti-American ass rest in peace. By Texas Jarhead.

8. This woman was doing the same civilian body count thing in Afghanistan when we were liberated those people a few years ago. She has always been an anti-American traitor and a useful idiot to our nation's enemies. Funny how she bolted Afghanistan after we freed it. If she cared about those people, why didn't she stay to help rebuild their schools? By Jimbo123 (again)

Again some at Free Republic were considerably more charitable, but this was one-minute's effort and it is also just the tip of the Iceberg on the bile.

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