Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Commandate Kos has already commented on this so my musings on it at this little dog-and-pony show blog won't make much difference, but read John Cole today. A life-long solid-red Republican he's fully awake and realizing what Republican rule hath wrought.

It's a tough thing he's doing and he should be complimented on his honesty.

The query he asks as to "why" so many on the right don't see what he sees is threefold:

1. Too often rooting for political parties is like an allegiance to a team. (That's the benign one)

2. There's some money to be made over there by being a shill...and some sense of validation from others who are, well, staying the course.

3. Some of them are, in fact, disillusional, at best cognitively dissonant, at worst more than satisfied to be lied to.

Like Kos, I was once a "Young Republican", but I was never a particularly conservative one, in fact, I found I was mostly a subversive one -- a parody Republican, only a "good" one as opposed to one who mocks 'Parkinson's' sufferers. I used the phrase "liberal Republican" for a while in college but found it didn't get me laid so that went out the window. By the time I reached the end of the first Bush Administration, I was in my late 20s and a full-fledged Democrat.

Read Cole's article, it's moving in its own way.

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