Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Speaking of "Reject & Denounce"

Since Democrats are apparently accountable for having the most tangential of relationships with long ago reformed advocates of change which may, or many not have involved the occasional domestic bombing of buildings, I do have a question.

This was first put forward by some other blogger, but I forget whom.

When will Republicans and the media be called upon to reject and denounce a man associated with more deaths of innocent civilians through illegal bombing then any living man on earth...and perhaps history? No, not Osama -- not even any current member of this Administration (though he's been an unofficial inspiration). I give you the world's greatest living war criminal:

And I give you his greatest crime:

"Operation Menu" and it's related Cambodian bombing calamities.

And, of course, in addition hundreds of thousands of innocent Cambodians killed from this illegal bombing -- one must consider the consequences of the bombing, the popularity that accrued to the Khmer Rouge from it, indirectly leading to the Killing Fields and the deaths of another 4 million people.

Yet, Henry Kissinger is able to attend the parties of the swells of the Washington establishment, where quasi-journalists like Ana Marie Cox are able to make snarky jokes, rather than report his whereabouts to Interpol.

And not one Republican, not one journalist, not one talk show pundit is called upon to be guilty by association with this most infamous of war criminals.

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