Monday, June 09, 2008

It's going to be a looooooooooooong five months

The right-wing goes apeshit pushing a pure-unadulterated-trumped up ratfucking.

This bullshit is going to be constant -- just like Larry Johnson's constantly shifting explanations about the never to be produced because it doesn't exist "whitey" tape.


More fully and succinctly explained here:

The anti-semitic post and its hateful comments comments were ported directly over from the rightwing Real Jew News site; the names and time stamps weren’t even changed to protect the innocent. Only two comments were made on the actual Obama site - and they were both complaints about the post.

More from Upyernoz:

the barack obama campaign site is designed to be like an online community. anyone can come by, create an account and start a blog there. so a guy named brother nathanael kapner sets up an account at and writes an inflamatory post about the jewish lobby. a couple of hours later, the obama campaign notices and deletes the post. but not before the rightwing blogosphere latches onto the post and goes nuts about it... kapner is not affiliated with the campaign in any way. he's just a guy who used the open source nature of the obama site to write something there that the campaign publicly disavows. kapner is not even an obama supporter; check out this anti-obama rant that kapner wrote just a few days ago.


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