Saturday, November 08, 2008

How Plans Are Being Made By Me To Impact On The World

Look, I know the point is (at least temporarily) moot, and that millions of people smarter and more clever than me have meditated on the GOP's very special brand of mendacity and ignorance (willful and otherwise) and how it reached its apotheosis (at least for the time being) in the form of Simple Sarah Palin, but I have to share a bit more with you. Is this even English?
“Now we kick in that fiscal conservativeness that needs to be engaged and we progress this state with $57-a-barrel oil,” [Palin] said. She said the state would have to “be prudent with public dollars and provide services more efficiently than have ever been provided in the state of Alaska before.”
Whatever you do, Sarah, don't close the public libraries you hate so much. You could do with a few more hours inside them. Sheesh! The woman speaks some weird dialect with roots in MBA neologisms and ten-second beauty pageant "How plans are being made by me to impact on the world" manifestos.

I told you they were kindred spirits.

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