Monday, June 07, 2010


I'm totally sure if Martin Luther King hadn't been shot by the kind of guy who'd vote for Rand Paul he'd be lightin' up a Tareyton and smoking at the front of the lunch counter.


Athenawise said...

Tareytons. Boy that takes me back.

[Moment of reverie].

Rand Paul is a douche. A medical douche, but a douche, nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Rand Paul: "William Lloyd Garrison and Frederick Douglas ...fought for 30 years integrate public transportation in the free North in the 1840s."


I know I'm not a product of home-schoolin' 'n shit, but integrating public transportation in the 1840's...? Did I miss something?

MarkC said...

A hollow personal freedom like smoking in restaurants is just the showroom side of libertarianism, something that is supposed to entice the rubes. The heart of it is corporate deregulation, and a permanent neo-Victorian economic upper class.

That cigarette air will feel fresh after a fifteen hour shift on a toxic factory floor after gaining our hard fought liberty from the Clean Air Act.

Anonymous said...

Texas revisionist history, suthern style. Served in dollops of uncontested prepackaged truth bites.
What factory floor? Are there any left? Thought they were all outsarced. vox

microdot said...

Rand Paul isn't a real medical douche, but he plays one on TV.