Saturday, April 22, 2006

Write your own jokes

Former White House Chef Walter Scheib, apparently let go because the Bush's don't like scallops (they're insane!) dishes on Bush's eating habits:

Which means guests at some D.C. fetes lately are being treated to revelations about what the commander in chief orders for lunch (peanut butter-and-honey sandwiches are in heavy rotation) and the menu at breakfast meetings (cereal for President Bush, which prompted cabinet members to follow suit).

Wow, there's a sophisticated palate. What cereal, I'm betting it isn't Special K or Grape Nuts.

Cocoa-Bananas Puffs?

Captain Bunnypants Crunch?

The dinner is a riff on White House noshes past: rack of lamb, which was Mrs. Clinton's favorite; her daughter's curried sweet-potato soup; and a salad featuring the roasted beets both first ladies adored. The goat-cheese tart was wrapped in a thin skin of ground corn. "We tip our hat to the Bushes with the tamale dough,'' Mr. Scheib said.

Not apparent is anything the Bushes' twin daughters may have inspired. "There's a tequila glaze on the lamb,'' Mr. Scheib said with a wink, in a not-so-subtle reference to the young women's documented penchant for partying.

Another monumental contribution to society by the Bush twins.

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