Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Real Classy Modo

I'm going to guess between the cancer and her philandering husband Elizabeth Edwards has more than enough to deal with.

But leave it to Maureed Dowd to proclaim this in a column:

She may be smart, but she doesn’t seem to know much about men.

Like Hillary with Monica, the feminist struck out at the girlfriend, implying that Rielle was a wacky stalker.

First things last, what feminists struck out at the girlfriend? They are uncited and unnamed? Dowd engages in the kind of classic non-researched research lately practiced by Jeffrey Rosen.

Second, once again Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Edwards get shat upon more than anyone else in her columns. I'm trying to figure out what they hell they have done other than manage an unmanageable situation -- but to Maureen Dowd that somehow equals exploitation.

Which brings us to Number Three, is Maureen Dowd the last person in the world who should mock someone for not knowing much about men? Ann Coulter knows more about men than Maureen Dowd for chrissakes...and that's only because she can pee standing up.

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