Tuesday, September 01, 2009

CEO of The Jerk Store, Inc. writes a memo

This may be the saddest most pathetic thing I've ever seen posted at a major news organization's blog. Unless you consider "Townhall" or "FoxNation" major news organizations.

Behold the trifecta of petulance, pomposity, and puerility of Joe Klein whining about Glenn Greenwald in all its pathetic form. Project much?

For the past several years, Greenwald has conducted a persistent, malicious campaign to distort who I am and where I stand. He is a mean-spirited, graceless bully.
And that's JUST before we get to the completely bullshit ad hominem non-sequiturs (a real literary accomplishment).

And the responses that must seem like batting practice from Greenwald and Aimai.

Klein is just as full of himself as ever, but it's easy to see there are probably some editors and employees of Time, Inc. that are truly embarrassed as all hell. It's like watching a drunken oaf peeing his pants for the third time the same evening.

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