Sunday, April 03, 2011

Beyond Parody

Transocean Execs Get Bonuses For 'Best Year In Safety,' Despite Gulf Disaster


DrDick said...

Yes, but that was totally not their fault. We know because the told us so.

sukabi said...

Makes me wonder how many folks they kill per year in the other countries they operate in... 11 humans already dead + a slow, tortuous death for countless others, uncountable other wild life, and a massively polluted environment for the US and that's their safest year yet?

Anonymous said...

wat's a little oil $400K bonus anyway? Just a drop in the ocean of the total package....which keeps on spreading and spreading corrupting the whole social order of the uberrich...vox

pansypoo said...

wall street and zombie reagan has perverted business to an unholy greed fest.

Montag said...

For the most part, corporations have become cash delivery systems for their top executives and major shareholders.

The only standards of accountability are money delivered and share prices increased. The executives can even point to court rulings saying they have to do exactly that.

It's one thing to understand that sociopathy exists. It's quite another to enable it and revere it.

Anonymous said...

Shades of the banking bonuses.
Have they no shame?