Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I think you are underestimating

I have a "cold fusion" level of outrage that is inexhaustible.

As Stewart did during the the Brian Williams affair, in which the NBC anchor was caught peddling a bogus war story, he urged viewers to put media scandals in perspective as more consequential lies emerge on the world stage.

"Here's the problem: World outrage supplies are finite, and if we spend so much of it on the fairly inconsequential status embellishments, our anger tanks could be empty when we need them most!" Stewart said.

Case in point: Reports that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahi may have knowingly misled the United Nations on Iran's capacity to produce nuclear weapons, contradicting Israel's own intelligence.
Still a good know which one is going to get more media coverage...and it isn't the lie that could get people killed.

...and one of the leaders of the call?

Bill O'Reilly, undoubtedly.

He'll want to pretend to be there.


pansypoo said...

tivee gnewz tunnel 'vision'. as stewart pointed out. where is the outrage at a homeless vet?

perspective is needed.

kingweasil said...

did you know that Iraq has obtained] high quality aluminum tubes that are...oh never mind.nobody that matters gives a shit.

Raoul Paste said...

Yep, idiotic priorities.
How bad do the droughts and calamitous storms have to be before we tackle climate change?

Instead it's ISIS! ISIS! 24/7.

pansypoo said...

its a GOP climate suicide pact. so jesus comes.

Anonymous said...

The job of the corporate media is to distract us with an endless series of trivial manufactured "events" and scapegoats so we don't notice the rich and powerful lying and screwing us over on issues of real consequence.

Anonymous said...


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