Wednesday, February 11, 2015

If the photographic negative of this event occurred

You know how apeshit FoxNews would be right now.

An ongoing dispute over an apartment parking space may have led to the shooting deaths of three Muslim college students in North Carolina, but investigators are trying to determine if the killings could also have been hate-motivated, police said Wednesday.

Craig Stephen Hicks, 46, who turned himself in to the Chatham County Sheriff's Office, has been charged with three counts of first-degree murder in the fatal shootings Tuesday afternoon at an apartment building in Chapel Hill.

The victims, all shot in the head, were identified as Deah Shaddy Barakat, 23, and his wife, Yusor Mohammad, 21, of Chapel Hill, and Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha, 19, of Raleigh, police said. The two female victims were sisters.
 And, as always seems to be the case, what a loss.

Barakat, a second-year dental student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Yusor Mohammad were married in late December. They traveled to Turkey last year to provide free dental care to students, according to their friends' Facebook page.


Steve M. said...

According to the slideshow at the end of this story, they also provided free dental care to homeless people in Durham, NC, whose status in life isn't much better than that of Syrian refugees in Turkey, even though they live in The Greatest Country In The World.

Raoul Paste said...

What a waste- this jackass doubtless had no idea whom he was shooting.
Maybe Muslims will need to open-carry in North Carolina to protect themselves. Let's see how that goes.

Katy Anders said...

Right wing media is still claiming a "we told you so" because the shooter might have been atheist.

There's always a way for the right to spread the hate.

Anonymous said...

Our "well-regulated militia". Again.

pansypoo said...

hate is incredibly stupid. also greed is really stupid.

Anonymous said...


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