Tuesday, August 31, 2004

A Bit More on the "Purple Heart Bandaids"

Being passed out by this guy:

Morton Blackwell.

You can read Mr. Blackwell's resume here.

You will search in vain for military service.

It says he is married to Helen Reddy...wtf? This Helen Reddy? "I am Woman" Helen Reddy?*

You think the guy who brags about being the youngest delegate for Goldwater in 1964 might have found a way to go over to Southeast Asia and kill commies.

As TBogg notes, however, his lack of hands on foreign policy experience has not kept this prime Chicken Hawk from favoring the militaristic side of things...

Blackwell is also President, International Policy Forum, from the 1984 CNP Directory, "a foundation which promotes educational exchanges between conservatives in the US and pro-freedom leaders in other countries." From other articles however, the IPF is painted far different. IPF trains rightwing conservatives around the world in New Right political techniques. Paul Weyrich chairs IPF.

"Blackwell and Weyrich also lead International Policy Forum (IPF), which appears to be the international parallel to CNP. The two organizations held joint meetings in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1991 and in Romania in 1992. Blackwell has also trained rightist political forces in Latin America and Africa(19) through IPF, notably supporters of the Pinochet military dictatorship, Argentinean rightists, and supporters of Inkatha chief Buthelezi in South Africa. It was Buthelezi's group that later attempted to create civil war in South Africa to keep apartheid policies in place. Inkatha worked with pro-apartheid and neo-nazi groups to stop the elections eventually won by Nelson Mandela. A number of IPF projects, including the Inkatha training, were aided by U.S. government funding through the National Endowment for Democracy.