Thursday, April 10, 2008


Grandpa Davey remembers when sports was good & pure (before Jack Johnson ruined it or something I guess):

And the Olympics have taken on the uglier aspects of a political campaign. The protests of China's Tibet policies that have marked the progress of the Olympic torch around the globe measure how much the Games have been distorted into a down-and-dirty ideological battle...

What was once a competition of individual athletes of sublime quality has become a race for medals among the superpowers and a stage for fighting out the issues that statesmen and politicians cannot resolve.

Yeah, other than the Nazi's in 1936, the 1968 Mexico City Games, the 1972 Munich Games, the 1976 Montreal Games, the 1980 Moscow Games, the 1984 L.A. Games, the 1996 Atlanta Games, and so on, when have politics EVER intruded upon the Olympics?

Although to be fair, Broder may be remembering the times he was a young cub reporter with the early teen papyrus, 'THIS IS SPARTA! ' back when sweaty naked Greek men used to rassle in the negative aughts.

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