Thursday, March 15, 2012

Majority of Americans, soon to be called incredibly Un-American

Goddammit, John Bolton will not put up with this bullshit!
Only one in four Americans favor Israel conducting a military strike against Iran’s nuclear program. Seven in ten favor instead the US and other major powers continuing to pursue negotiations with Iran. Three in four say that the US should primarily act through the UN Security Council rather than acting by itself.
It's almost as if people have seen this bomb & pony show before. And there's more, apparently a blank check is not the favored foreign policy of Americans either.
If Israel goes ahead with a military strike against Iran’s nuclear program and Iran retaliates (but not against American targets), only one in four favors the US providing military support for Israel and only 4 in 10 favor the US providing even diplomatic support. Few would support open opposition. The most popular position is for the US to take a neutral stance.
Newt Gingrich may already be in the process of dumping us.

Of course, we've been trying to dump his sorry ass for nearly 20 years, one more push Illinois.

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pansypoo said...

1 in 4? wow, i don't feel so anti-american now.