Friday, March 30, 2012

Mr. Pink


The founder of Beef Products, known for its production of "pink slime," is a major donor to Mitt Romney.

Businessman Eldon Roth held a Sioux Falls fundraiser for Romney last year and donated $190,000 to the Romney campaign in 2010, Politico reports. Roth has also donated to Romney's 2008 campaign, as well as other Republican candidates.

In Romney's 2010 book, "No Apology," Roth is cited as a success story.
I'm guessing Mitt has never had the blessing of eating up a big ol' pile of of carcass remains that don't even earn the name offal delightfully enriched with a heavy dose of ammonium hydroxide -- if only Whizzo had thought of this.

You won't see a gypsy-themed Padma pretend to eat this crap on Top Chef, not to mention come within a quarter-mile of the various Romney-family lairs.

It should be said that such Republican science-wiz's as Rick Perry tell us that pink slime, if just fine and the fact it's manufacturers donate to scientifically-balanced Repubican politicians shouldn't worry you at all. The GOP and science have a great relationship...just not nearly as good as their relationship with money.

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StonyPillow said...

Gerald Zirnstein killed pink slime by naming it. Deft.

I’m wondering what goes on in the brains of “STOP Foodborne Illness” President Nancy Donley, whose only authority as a beef industry shill arises from losing her only son to E. coli contaminated ground beef in 1993. Now she works for 'em. Ghoulishly creepy.

jimmiraybob said...

Romney national health care plan? Who'da thought Soylent Pink?

pansypoo said...

when did pink slime move from PET food to human food?