Sunday, November 27, 2011

Oh how the world has changed

Or not. Forty years ago the Manchester Union Leader attacked Ed Muskie's ONE (and only) wife as a swearer and drinker and then claimed he cried...effectively ending his Presidential campaign.

Now, a guy on his third marriage and whose current spouse is physically incapable of crying because she'll rust is getting the endorsement of the same paper.


StonyPillow said...

Recent Manchester Union Leader Other Republican primary endorsements by the Union Leader since Ronald Reagan include:

Pete du Pont in 1988
Pat Buchannan in 1992
Pat Buchannan in 1996
Steve Forbes in 2000
No contested primary in 2004
John McCain in 2008

The humor writes itself, folks.

Privatize the Profits! Socialize the Costs! said...

Forty years ago the Manchester Union Leader attacked Ed Muskie's ONE (and only) wife as a swearer and drinker

Please, refresh my ageing memory--- why was this called "the Canuck letter"...?

Privatize the Profits! Socialize the Costs! said...

Never mind, I just googled it... turns out that this letter accused Muskie of comparing "cannocks" to black people...

But Wikipedia did offer this gem:

Muskie's antagonist was the same editor who referred to him in the 1968 election as "Moscow Muskie,"

...which just goes to show that anyone who thinks that this generation of wingnuts is somehow more idiotic, bigger liars, or nastier than former generations just isn't old enough to remember how idiotic, dishonest and nasty former generations of wingnuts actually were.

StonyPillow said...

Corrosion, thy name is Callista.

And we can thank Zombie David Broder (now working with the Purgatory Post and Penny Pincher for confirmation on the tears part. Hope he's really comfortable down there.

Anonymous said...

Every time I hear "Manchester Union Leader" I think - William Phucking Loeb. Hated that bastard ever since the 60's (yeah, I'm that old).

His grave should be periodically dug up just to make sure the wooden stake is still in his cold anthracite heart of the Randite Reich. Then pissed on.

Michael said...

The Manchester Union Misleader is beneath that of a rag sheet. It is a huge source of embarrassment here in New Hampshire. The reason it survives is because it's NHs only statewide daily newspaper and as such it gets a ton of ad revenue from the municipal, state and federal sector.
I agree with anonymous, the Loebs were pathetic people who cared little about truth or the common man. It ranks right down there with the Washington Post, Boston Herald and the National Inquirer. The fact that it endorsed that hypocritical gasbag does not surprise me at all. If Joe McCarthy were still alive they would have backed him. Pathetic.

pansypoo said...

but they DIDN'T endorse mittens.

Privatize the Profits! Socialize the Costs! said...

Damn, I'm a big Mittens fan ever since I read all about Bain Capital.

I think US voters are going to be so impressed when they find out all about that!