Wednesday, September 12, 2012

And furthermore using will lead to summary execution

You stay classy AND rational right-wingers:

In the past we’ve had a policy of banning people who argue in bad faith. As Politifact, and the whole menagerie of “fact checking” organizations have demonstrated themselves to be slavishly attached to the Administration’s nether regions I will consider quoting any of them, in a non-ironic way, as being evidence of arguing in bad faith and worthy of a ban.
Good job RedState.

I've had my problems of course with some of the fact-checkers bending over backwards to impose illogical or arbitrary designations, but banning them is Colbert-level self-parody.  I really must congratulate them on their isolated little planet.

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merlallen said...

those fuckers banned me 3 times for asking a question. i wasn't rude and i didn't call them cock sucking douchebags, but i got banned anyway.