Sunday, September 09, 2012

Answers for Questions no one is asking

Mitt Romney suggested Saturday in Virginia Beach that President Obama wants to remove God from coins, provoking a fierce retort from the president's campaign.

 That's all fine and good...but what about the money you have?

The Cayman Island's coinage...hey I think we had a revolution to get away from that lady unless we want to buy People Magazine? Or...
Or the Swiss Franc, which is so bland I cannot even think of a joke to write...except obviously "Godless"?


Montag said...

Well, the Swiss franc does have the flag with the crusaders' cross on it, so a Christian god is sort of implied.

But, still, it's a funny thing for Rmoney to say, given that he very likely shortchanged his god on his membership dues.

StonyPillow said...

His campaign is dying day by day. Dittoheads at work have even stopped talking up Rmoney.

The weight of abject, historic failure is settling on Restore Our Failure.

(BTW, and somewhat OT, I'm going with the working theory that Clint Eastwood was so pissed at the wingnut response to the Halftime in America Chrysler commercial that he decided to get even. You don't want to tick off Dirty Harry Callahan, and then turn around and ask him to do you a big favor. I guess the RNC felt lucky. Hope they enjoyed the nut shot.)

pansypoo said...

butbutbut mit's god is mammon.

Anonymous said...

I spent the last couple of weeks driving around Utah, Idaho and Montana, the heart of the hardcore-Repuke (and Mormon) mountain west, and I only saw 2 Romney yardsigns and 2 bumper stickers the entire time.
Plenty of senate-race signs in Montana, but none for Rmoney.

pansypoo said...

you can't ADMIT you are voting for a mormon!