Friday, September 07, 2012

But that would mean Drudge was usual!

Golly, amazing what happens when you throw in the cable networks what happens to viewers:
It was a clash of titans, and Bill Clinton won. Wednesday night's prime-time coverage of the Democratic National Convention, which featured a fiery and finger-pointing address by former President Bill Clinton, attracted 25.1 million viewers, according to ratings giant Nielsen. The Democrats out-muscled the season opener of NFL football on NBC, which drew 23.9 million viewers. The Dallas Cowboys defeated the New York Giants on the field. The second night of the Democratic convention in Charlotte, N.C., was off slightly from the opening night of the event, which faced significantly less competition on TV. On Tuesday night, the convention showcased Michelle Obama and drew 26.2 million viewers. The Democratic convention continues to draw a larger audience than last week's Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla. The second night of coverage of the Republican National Convention, which featured Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, the GOP nominee for vice president, drew 21.94 million viewers.
When your convention is outdrawn by another convention while the latter is competing against the nation's favorite television might want to think about why you suck so much.


pansypoo said...

it was past their bedtime.

Anonymous said...

Living in a self-enclosed fantasy world and not examining how much you suck, is pretty much a prerequisite for still being a Repuke at this point.