Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Feel the Enthusiasm

Republican office holders love Mitt so much you can feel the disdain.  Ohio Governor Jon Kasich can read the polls in his state:

Kasich, meanwhile, said almost nothing positive about Romney in our conversations, other than to say his life would be better with a president who would get the federal government out of his way. “He says he’s got a 53-point plan or whatever, I don’t know,” was Kasich’s rousing endorsement of the Romney agenda.


jimmiraybob said...

Auditioning for Comedy Central?

Anonymous said...

when does the neocon movement and the tea party loose any and all power? or at least the ear of the msm?

the republicans will start eating their own soon and rove will be the blossom in charge of the asylum.


pansypoo said...

that equals 'whatever'.