Friday, September 07, 2012

Thanks for all the lawsuits

In the wake of the speeches of Charlotte and Tampa and the desire of governments everywhere to make life miserable, well more miserable for more, let us take the time to think of those who truly had a bad year.

Poor Rupert Murdoch, he's lost business, paid millions in settlements, and lost even more of his reputation all because his newspapers engaged in a series of phone hacks. Meanwhile, he dealt with the problem by being a role model for Joe Paterno (minus the dying).

He must be punished:
News Corp has cut this year's bonuses for four top executives, including mogul Rupert Murdoch... the company's 81-year old chairman and chief executive, earned a bonus of $10.4 million in fiscal year 2012, which ended on June 30, the filing said.
Poor Rupert only ended up making $30 million instead of his usual $33 million. That will leave a "real" mark.

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pansypoo said...

i hope he still can afford congress.