Thursday, September 06, 2012

This guy has a Ph.D ladies and gentlemen

Not in meteorologic mind you -- though not in douchebaggery either though he's clearly an expert --  but one would think he would know how predicting the weather works:

Fox News analyst Charles Krauthammer claimed Wednesday that there was no way officials moved President Barack Obama's speech indoors due to concerns about the weather, saying Democrats have known what Thursday's weather will be for "months."
Besides, Krauthammer's guy knows how to fill a stadium.  If divining the weather "months" ahead of time is something Obama can do, why not elect him -- over the guy who has his convention during a hurricane?


Montag said...

Umm, Krauthammer has a medical degree--he's a psychiatrist, not a PhD psychologist.

That said, he got that degree thirty-five years ago, and it's been many, many years since he completely lost his mind, so his education is pretty much moot.

It's not that he can't figure out how the weather is forecast--it's that he doesn't care, just so long as he can denigrate an enemy. The shame of it is that he has a readership and they believe him, for the most part, even though he's crazy as a shithouse rat.

It's kind of funny to imagine a medical person, a psychiatrist, a scientifically-minded person, devoted to spreading idiocy and insanity, but indeed he does.

When someone told him, "physician, heal thyself," Krauthammer told him, "fuck that."

jp said...

The mind, it boggles.

Let's see: RNC ends up cancelling AN ENTIRE DAY of their convention due to a freaking hurricane: not a peep from Krazyhammer.

DNC changes from outdoor to indoor venue due to weather, but the show will go on: OH NOES! DISASTER!

I would think that someone who claims the mantel of public intellectual would be ashamed to say something as stupid as, "those dummies didn't predict the weather months in advance," but I clearly would be wrong.

Could this be projection? There was a bit of riffing on the internets implying that the RNC's choice of Tampa during hurricane season was a tad imprudent. Frankly, I thought all the "nyah, nyah, they shoulda known better" was stretching it: hurricane season goes on until October, and potentially impacts some one/third of the continental US, so any east or gulf coast city is vulnerable. Still, if you are talking long-term weather projection, "A hurricane might poss hit a Florida city in August" is a much surer bet than "Could be some bad electrical storms over Charlotte
Thursday night."

jp said...

Derp! that's "hurricane season goes on THROUGH October..."

pansypoo said...

butbutbut almanacs!

sour grapes for sourpuss.

jp said...

And the beat goes on...funny article over at Kos about the Great Rain Conspiracy. Bonus link to Malkin's loony site, where her flying monkeys are screeching and jabbering every time a patch of blue sky breaks the cloud cover. Teh hilarity.

An aside, how fitting is it that La Malkin calls her convulsively insane and rabid blog "Twitchy"? As if that were a good thing? But you cannot beat these people for lack of self awareness.