Friday, October 31, 2014

Your world, as described by Murdoch

Good job's all going according to plan.
Australians believe the proportion of Muslims in the country is nine times higher than it really is, according to a new international survey comparing public perceptions with actual data. The Ipsos Mori poll conducted across 14 countries also showed Australians are wildly wrong in their estimations of the number of pregnant teenagers, unemployed people, immigrants and Christians in the country. ...Australians said that Muslims made up 18% of the country’s population, far higher than their actual proportion, just 2%.
Of course, Murdoch's original homeland is actually on par with his present self-proclaimed one. [cross-posted at Firedoglake]


kingweasil said...

Rupert Murdoch, excelling at disinformation across the globe

Anonymous said...

Mirrorspeak from US' mirror image Down unda, mates!

pansypoo said...

be afraid be afraid be afraid be afraid.

pansypoo said...

truthiness is easy.

Montag said...

In a way, it's somehow comforting to know that other countries have their share of morons, too.

Still, should it be surprising that here, in the UK, and in Australia most of those morons are getting their information from a Murdoch news source?

Embarrassing, yes. Surprising, no.

Anonymous said...

People who watch Fox News guesstimated US foreign aid as 20% of the federal budget; it's 0.15%.