Monday, November 03, 2014

Chris Christie, et al, approve

When it comes to disinformation and paranoia it's hard to tell where America starts and North Korea ends.
Young children sit on the laps of medical staff, watching intently as a briefing describes the dangers of Ebola. Foreigners and citizens arriving at the capital’s airport are held in quarantine for weeks. Tourists are banned outright. The world’s most draconian measures against the disease have been imposed not in the worst-affected west African countries, nor their neighbours, but in North Korea, thousands of miles from the outbreak. They are increasing the isolation of a country already known for its tight controls on contact with outsiders, and risk damaging its fragile economy.
Yeah, the world's most "open" society...just ask any North Korea leader, they may answer you seconds before you disappear. But, as they say, tragedy is just another name for opportunity.
Each night, the country’s television news broadcasts a lengthy section on the disease, filling the screen with images of grieving families, ailing patients and medical workers in protective gear – as well as some coverage of its own measures, including footage of the session at the children’s hospital.
I do believe that could have been any news clip on any American broadcast or cable news program the last two weeks. But by all means lets ignore that and talk about those wacky North Koreans some more. [cross-posted at Firedoglake]


StonyPillow said...

Dr. Pillow sez the “disease” has almost run its course. Panicked 24/7 Ebola coverage on every network will subside in less than 48 hours — right after the election.

kingweasil said...

"Foreigners and citizens arriving at the capital’s airport are held in quarantine for weeks. Tourists are banned outright"...but, dear leader says we gave them tents, internet connections, and the best take-out in Pyongyang!

pansypoo said...

perfect material for the midterms. the 2% gleeful rub their palms.

Jaily Been said...

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