Thursday, November 06, 2014


It was an off-year election .... which means the usual:

Low youth voter turnout in midterms has parties pondering new ways to engage

Four Words:

Mitch McConnell Grindr profile.

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StonyPillow said...

Grindr needs to diversify and get some Crocs in there for Ole Mitch.

The GOP youth and women outreach efforts will focus on your very own Senator-elect Ballcutter, who's promised to shoot Senators who keep her from getting everything she wants.

It's who they are.

kingweasil said...

just opining here but the dems ran as far away from Obama as they could, which I think was stupid. they didn't fire up the young @ 13%,african americans @ 12%, (except for N.C @21%),latinos @ 8%,or women @ 21%...and then there's ebola! terrorism! isil! Mexicans! the border !boo,boo,boo. but here comes the republican agenda/mandate which may be the saving grace.

P.K> said...

Then there's the Guardian article which posits that Youths in Colorado didn't vote because they were stoned, which sure beats the Jack Webb Theory that they didn't vote because they were high and far out.

Anonymous said...

Or simply, political PromiseKeeping:
Remember that single-payer Promise EPITOME?!

pansypoo said...

have they tried civics or education?