Thursday, November 20, 2014

Just below a gathering of Juggalos

What good is being in the ol' Confederacy without a gathering of dunces?
The nation’s Republican governors gathered at a Florida resort Wednesday for talks, celebrations, and looking ahead to 2016 – because a lot of these governors have their eye on the White House.

The most anticipated event of the event at the posh Boca Raton Resort Club comes later Wednesday.

A discussion of “The Road Ahead” features most of the 2016 hopefuls, including Govs. Mike Pence of Indiana, Rick Perry of Texas, Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, Scott Walker of Wisconsin and John Kasich of Ohio. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will get other time in the spotlight
Oh the "most Christian fellowship" of a prayer-breakfast filled with knives just aching to see a back.

I do not know where the Democratic dunces are gathering this year, but undoubtedly they do not need as much room.

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Batman 54 said...

"Parade of Assholes" begins.

Katy Anders said...

I've never understood how they get all of those clowns into the same car.

Anonymous said...

DEM chihuahuas prolly in Tijuana, Juarez or Little Habana. Merry Amnesty, uber bAlles!

kingweasil said...

a gathering of dunces, thieves, liars, and double talkers. I'd rather vote for Ignatius p Reilly

Brian M said...

Awwww. Anonymous has to show up to drop a little turd of racism. How very cute.

pansypoo said...

i sincerely hope walker is humiliated.