Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mission "Accompliced"

Thank goodness for the many bounties of our spread freedom through bombs policy.
Afghan opium cultivation again reached a historic high in 2014, United Nations officials reported on Wednesday. And in a sign of how deeply entwined drug trafficking and the Afghan political system have become, the officials said the protracted elections this year were at least part of the cause.

“With the presidential election ongoing there was a huge demand of funding,” said Jean-Luc Lemahieu, a senior official with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. “And that funding is not available in the licit economy, and that money has to come from somewhere, so they turned to the illicit economy.”
Thanks in no small part to America, Heroin may be cheaper this Christmas.  It's like there's money in it or something.

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kingweasil said...

we brought the good people of afghanistan elections and taught them how to maintain the integrity and transparency of campaign financing in the process. those campaigns are expensive. win win right?

kingweasil said... want a good laugh, check out the comments.

Katy Anders said...

Our post-WW2 foreign adventures have been complete disasters. I mean, they couldn't have been much worse if they'd been purposely designed that way.

By the time you get to 2003 (when we invade the wrong country because there are "better targets" in it than it the other country we invaded), it begins to look like some kind of satire of... something.

Athenawise said...

Hey, I predicted this in 2002! I should be a pundit or a talking head on Fox!

gipsom said...

When the DEA gets recognized as the world's biggest criminal cartel I'll start caring about crop yields.

w3ski said...

The word on the street in Berkeley in the late 60 was that the government was allowing Heroin to get to the hippies so as to quiet down the anti war demonstrations. Hard to protest if you are 'smacked out' after all. I wouldn't be surprised if that was also behind this latest harvest

Brian M said...

w3ski: Is there an underlying reason for the groundsweel of support for legalizing marijuana now? A pacifying drug available EVERYWHERE!

Anonymous said...

No dirtier than Koch Brothers money.