Tuesday, November 25, 2014

"Smartest" of bombs

The never ending line of "immeasurable" successes in America's War on the ill-defined and renewable "enemies" is its own reward...or something.

The drones came for Ayman Zawahiri on 13 January 2006, hovering over a village in Pakistan called Damadola. Ten months later, they came again for the man who would become al-Qaida’s leader, this time in Bajaur. Eight years later, Zawahiri is still alive. Seventy-six children and 29 adults, according to reports after the two strikes, are not...

... A new analysis of the data available to the public about drone strikes, conducted by the human-rights group Reprieve, indicates that even when operators target specific individuals – the most focused effort of what Barack Obama calls “targeted killing” – they kill vastly more people than their targets, often needing to strike multiple times. Attempts to kill 41 men resulted in the deaths of an estimated 1,147 people, as of 24 November.
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pansypoo said...

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Frank Lee said...

Your comments section is full of advertisements masquerading as comments, by the way. Apparently it's time to try a new scheme for blocking them, because they've all proven they aren't robots, or they wouldn't be here.

Spake the non-robot:

"...After Pooja kids get active with biscuits..."