Thursday, November 27, 2014

I'm thankful for Hypocrisy

And self-delusion. Because as a middle-aged white guy I can imagine that everything is hunky-dory, because I've got it pretty sweet. I can walk out the door 365 days 24/7 and not worry about being sexually harassed or killed by a "peace-officer".
Wilson said the incident with Brown was the first time he'd ever used his gun. When Stephanopoulos asked if there was any way the incident could've been handled differently, Wilson replied, "no."

Wilson said he has a "clean conscience" about the way he handled the incident with Brown. ...

"The reason I have a clean conscience is because I know I did my job right," Wilson added.
You did your job "right" alright.  Enjoy that show you co-host on FoxNews with Mark Fuhrman in the next six months.

And THAT is a reflection not just of modern America, but the entirety of American history in a nutshell.

Have some more white-meat're choking on it.

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Raoul Paste said...

It's not much of a Thanksgiving at the Brown family.

pansypoo said...

well, educated middle class white men have it made. the 2%. the 47% not so much.

Katy Anders said...

Well, I mean, it might have ended differently if that darn taser wasn't so uncomfortable to wear.

If you are thankful for hypocrisy and self-delusion, you must be in hog heaven this year.

WallytheWineGuy said...

William Burroughs was thankful too.

provivalman said...

Our turn is coming, Mr. Hegemon. Even the middle-aged white man can't remain immune to this escalation of abuse.