Saturday, July 25, 2009

Might be nice if the media did stuff like

oh, I don't know, read easily available statutes. This has it about right:

The cop baited the guy into leaving the house so he could arrest him for making a cop feel bad.

I appreciate the work of law enforcement. But regardless of race, too many cops have the belief that if they get insulted, they have the right to turn that into an arresting offense. That's not the law whatsoever, nor should it be. It creates a chilling effect among the public not to call out bad behavior in law enforcement or raise your voice in any way.

The police have a very tough job. But, we all live our lives, many of them not exactly unstressful. The police don't have a right to take it out on you because you too "cop" an attitude, while you, in your own home, have a right to be a bit of a jackass (not to much of one, but you can do stuff like, y'know raise your voice and be offended). White, Black, Red, Yellow, we've all experienced it from time to time, hopefully not in our homes. And don't pretend police profiling and abuse doesn't happen.

But, of course, for the media its sooooooooooooooo fucking easy to must play the race card - for that's what they are doing. Lynn Sweet is doing an endzone dance because she's able to get her racism (conscious or unconscioius) or more likely her ego to get her mug on television.

Meanwhile, actual policy debates go unheeded all in the name of covering "process" (who's up whose down? bullshit, bullshit, bullshit).

UPDATE: This is either incredibly offensive, or a very unfortunate coincidence...oh, and why is the President of the Cambridge Police Officers Union able to park illegally? Oh, right.

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