Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Universal Truth...well, almost!

Hey, look a non-American ironically sums up America's shared little secret.
Representatives from trade unions, women's groups and left-leaning political parties marched on the house of Hong Kong’s Chief Executive C.Y. Leung on Wednesday after he told media outlets that free elections would give poor people too much power.

On Tuesday, Hong Kong’s Chief Executive said in an interview that Hong Kong required a nominating committee to screen electoral candidates, claiming that if the city allowed the direct civil nomination demanded by democracy protesters, “you’d be talking to the half of the people in Hong Kong who earn less than $1,800 a month.”
Yeah, we cannot have that...and by that I really mean "we".
Members of Congress 14 Times More Wealthy Than Average American

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Anonymous said...

Nominating committees?
Yeah, ya steenkeeng Commies: Here in the etats, we call 'em smoke-filled rooms, primaries, parties and conventions!

Leonie Daecher said...

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