Monday, October 13, 2014

Hey 'murica

It's been yet another tough week to not be a Walton or Koch family member.

But hey, there's still good news out there if you look hard enough (or spend a couple minutes on Google) but it is out there.
Prison officials unveiled the renovated execution chamber inside the Oklahoma State Penitentiary on Thursday and expressed confidence that the agency would be ready for the state's next scheduled execution in November. The $71,000 reconstruction of the death chamber and adjacent witness rooms gives executioners more space in which to operate. Department of Corrections also spent about $34,000 on new medical equipment, including $12,500 for a surgical table and $6,000 for an ultrasound machine to help locate veins.
Finally, Oklahoma's pressing "claustrophobic executioners" dilemma has been eased.

So one problem solved.

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Unknown said...


I didn't realize that government dealt in numbers so small.

But I guess if they are going to spend several hours in a tiny room trying to figure out why someone isn't dying on schedule, they might as well make sure they have the whole feng shui thing going...

Anonymous said...

W.T.F.? .45 shot to brainstem : a three dollar bill ... priceless!

Anonymous said...

not gonna waste money on folks who know how to find a vein and sink an iv set, nope, or even assess a pt or call time of death...

nope, cause if you're trained in it, you're under the burden of "do no harm" and know better than to execute someone.