Thursday, October 23, 2014

Well that is cinematic

The story of the ending of the terrorist attack on the Canadian Parliament had a real badass Canada...that normally occurs only in American Cop films set in New York (and, of course, actually filmed in Canada).

And then there is this rather Hollywood inspired insanity.

The legislature was minutes away from convening when Lortie entered the building through a side door carrying two submachine guns, and at one point sat in the Speaker's chair firing wildly. He killed three people and wounded 13 others.


Anonymous said...

And the SAA's "security" 'lapse' is ameliorated by this drastic terminal"remedial" 'measure' BECAUSE?

kingweasil said...

kevin Vickers for president aye!

acrannymint said...

From what I read about his career - he sounds like a stand up guy

Anonymous said...

Good thing there were not any reps from the NRA at the house, to Stand Their Ground, and defend their home from the Palin-Invasion!