Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Stunned and Bewildered or Fuck Off?

Never since World War Two have normal people found themselves so pitilessly pressed into insecurity of job and income, never so unashamedly exploited by a small club of politicians who believe that God is on their side and that therefore anything that they do to improve their bottom line is "blessed by the grace of a righteous God."

Never have we been so openly deceived and dragged into a fruitless war where thousands are being murdered or maimed on order of someone who maintains to be moral, let alone pretends to be Christian, who is interested in stopping weapons of mass destruction, no bringing peace and security, no that is bringing democracy, damn... no make that getting rid of an evil dictator.

Never was international law, an outstanding achievement of international cooperation for so many around the world, bypassed so self-righteously and cynically for the good of a few heartless corporations who have no sympathy for the average citizen of any country.

Never has the common good, the very foundation of any democratic soceity been so hypocritically attacked with lies, deceit, and demagoguery that far surpass that of political campaigns of the nineteenth century.

Never has the media -- the so-called keeper of the public interest, so terribly failed to fulfill their task to critically observe and control those in power or at least tell us when a person of public trust has lied, distorted, or used rhetoric to tear at the firmament of American life in a crass attempt to win elected office.

Never have fundamental civil rights been so greatly restricted, and surveillance and repression become so all-encompassing on the lives of average citizens. Imagine what John Ashcroft will do now? 'Buy my CD or find yourself in jail!!'

Never has public opinion been so perfectly manipulated by distortion and lies.

Therefore, we here at the Rising Hegemon -- no make that Practicing Hegemon, for the time being -- call for an all out, forthright no-holds barred critique, questioning, and political attack on Dear Leader and the other conservative, reactionary and other crass political and economic leaders, not to mention their lap dancers in the idiot media!

We must show how American society has been deliberately and systematically devastated by the neo-conservative agenda and no one outside of the blog universe is talking about it. Bush is no idiot savant, folks... he is just an idiot who lies, hits, and bullies his way into what he wants; worked for him as a child, works for him now.

Still ever marching on, the "media" tend to subserviently follow the dictates of the conservative movement in all its guises and forms, waiting for the crumbs of "access" from their masters, rather than reporting on these devastating policies. It is time that we told the "media" to either report or Fuck off!

Therefore, every mistake, every misstatement, every attack on our freedoms will be recorded here to the best of our ability. Yes, they will be reported with anger, alienation, and just good old fashioned Pissed Off-ness. Because, yes damn it -- we are deservedly angry. We are angry that a fool can become president, elected this time it appears, and run this country into the dung heap simply because he will do anything to win so he can make the country safe for him and his buddies.

So, let's pick up our anger and focus on the true target of that anger.

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