Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Thanks a lot, Jeebus

Well, I go to bed for a few hours and the election goes to shit. Lesson, never sleep again.

I hate being snarky and wrong. Yesterday afternoon it sure looked good for a clear Kerry victory, and now, even a Kerry win in Ohio will be by the slimmest of margins and certainly no mandate. The GOP keeps both houses.

Now what?

If I and most all of you didn't have to live in this country, I'd say, fine let Bush stew in the juices of the mess he has created. That is undoubtedly the reaction of most of the world, including our alleged allies.

But we do have to live here -- well, if there are any of you living in another country, not located in the Middle East, looking for a smartass, feel free to mail me an offer of employment at

In any case, I don't know about most of you, but I'll admit it, I'm pretty damn miserable and deflated.

Well, the next two years minimum, are looking like a Rovian nightmare. Say hello to three new right-wing judges. Say goodbye to Roe v. Wade, Miranda, pretty much the entirety of the Fourth Amendment Jurisprudence and Privacy.

Say goodbye to the United States positive image.

Say hello to more Al Qaeda.

Say hello to some big ass deficits infinity.

Say goodbye to Congressional Oversight (oh, sorry, that was already gone)

Say goodbye to Social Security as we've know it.

Say hello to a President thinking he has a mandate for change.

For many of us, I wonder just how hot it gets in Southern Cuba? And I really, really look bad in Orange.

I say the above, because something tells me mocking the Preznit will get you on the Do Not Fly list pretty soon.

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