Saturday, November 18, 2006

Lessons From Vietnam

I've been on the same schedule as brother Attaturk and am just starting to catch my breath post election. Busy trying to make a living and now posting from Chicago. We go from the euphoria of the drubbing suffered by the Rove/Cheney administration to sending our Premier George Walter Bush to the far east to lecture the world about the "lessons of Vietnam" (see post below).

Of course when you wheel out a moron to talk about such things, what do you expect? I don't know what briefing books they gave him to read, but someone maybe ought to tell him that Vietnam has succeeded without the help of the old U.S. of A. Oh and the communists still control the government. Details.

I don't suppose someone in the boot-licking entourage could not have asked him if the lesson from our collected Vietnam experience is that powerful friends can keep you safe and out of harms way.

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