Monday, November 27, 2006

Post-Thanksgiving Turkey

Well, the holiday prevented me from spending time on the internets looking for those pearls of so-called analogous wisdom that right-wing bloviators like to to throw out during times of intellectual bankruptcy (apparently they have a decades long supply).

And who should toss out the follwoing bon mot but Peggy Noonan:

More and more our leaders forget the common sense of grandma. In most everyone's family there was a grandma who used to sit quietly in the corner and say nothing. Then someone would ask her opinion just to be polite, and she'd say something so wise, so commonsensical, it stopped everyone in their tracks. And you realized that she was smart, that she'd lived a life and seen things.

In the case of illegal immigration in America I think grandma would say, "Stop it. Build a wall. But put doors in the wall so when the problem is over, you can open the doors."

I'm guessing that Noonan's grandmother would blurt out every holiday, three simple words of stunning profundity:

Nooner's in her post-menopausal years now, as moronic as her blue-blooded WASPesque pedigree (h/t to ProfWombat) is, she conveniently forgets that for many people her age, Grandma was a goddamned immigrant who got into this country because there was not a "wall" high enough to keep them out. Jeebus, the basic imbecility is progressively more galling.

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