Saturday, June 28, 2008

Christ on a cracker!

Get a bowl, this may induce nausea, Sally Quinn gets close to St. Timmeh by taking it in the face:

At Tim's funeral mass...communion was offered. I had only taken communion once in my life, at an evangelical church. It was soon after I had started "On Faith"; and I wanted to see what it was like. Oddly I had a slightly nauseated sensation after I took it, knowing that in some way it represented the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Last Wednesday I was determined to take it for Tim, transubstantiation notwithstanding. I'm so glad I did. It made me feel closer to him. And it was worth it just to imagine how he would have loved it.

Other than NOT being Catholic, there are more than a few doctrinal and decency standards being violated here.

What a bunch of pathetic has-beens the Washington Press Corps is still dominated by.

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