Sunday, June 15, 2008

Just a Reminder: Impeachment

The Bush administration lied about the need for war in Iraq and continue to be dismissive about efforts to stop it (for example: Cheney's "so" among many other statements).  Soldiers keep dying while these cowardly chickenhawks fiddle away the last few months of what will be seen by any unbiased historian as the worst presidency in modern times.  An expression sang by Eric Idle about the FCC comes to mind.

We all must remember the staggering cost of these lies and the reason behind Mr. Kucinich's efforts to start impeachment proceedings:

1.  4,098 U.S. Military Fatalities in Iraq (too many sources to list)

2.  517 U.S. Military Fatalities in Afghanistan (source NYT)

3.  30,333 U.S. Military Maimed in Iraq (source: Dept of Defense Update as of June 8, 2008)

4.  92,067 Iraqis Reported Killed (source: Iraq Body Count)

5.  1,222,013 Iraqis Reported Killed (source:

6. Devastating destruction of American policy leadership in the world (source: NYT, WAPO, any sensible interpretation of U.S. Foreign policy for the past 8 years or so)

7.  Add you own items to this list... there are so many reasons.

Think of this as a little friendly public service reminder.  These ARE crimes and several Bush and senior administrators (those Republican war enthusiasts) should be punished for them.  Please remember to call Mr. Kucinich's office and support his efforts to begin impeachment proceedings.  While you are at it, call your Senators and House members and demand they support the need for impeachment!

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