Monday, June 23, 2008

Well, that sucks

George Carlin dead at 71.

Please say a forbidden word in his memory. One of the truly, truly, great and influential stand up comedians -- and really had balls.

I think that human beings were given great gifts and had great potential and they squandered it all on goods, possession, power, territory and on a superstitious God that watches everything and controls. These things, I think, crippled the human animal to the extend that we never lived up to their potential. The same thing happened in this country. We were given great potential. We were given this great system of self-government, the best one that had been devised so far. And we've given it all up for gizmos, and goods, and toys and possessions, and - in this country - God, overlooking everything and spoiling everything.

...notice he was younger than John McCain.

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