Tuesday, December 23, 2008

File Under "Somewhere, Gray Davis is Smiling"

How do you like your Terminator now, Gullivornia?
With cars whizzing behind him along one of Southern California’s most congested and detested freeways, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger warned Monday that the state was “on a track toward disaster” as it ceases highway, school and bridge construction because of budget and credit woes.

California, which has suspended nearly $4 billion in public works projects, is one of a half dozen states delaying or halting projects because of capsizing budgets, an inability to attract investors to the municipal bonds used to bankroll many projects and a reduction in gasoline tax revenues — which underlie a lot of transportation financing.
California and other states are clearly holding out hope that President-elect Barack Obama will pump some federal money into the stalled infrastructure projects, and some may even be delaying work until they have a chance to make the case for federal spending. Mr. Obama has proposed a stimulus package intended to create or save three million jobs, largely through financing infrastructure improvements.

“It happens to be that the Obama administration wants to rebuild America,” Mr. Schwarzenegger, a Republican, said at a news conference here.
It's really rich to hear fiscally inept Republican "grownup" Arnold "Kindergarten Cop" Schwarzenegger suck up to Barack Obama like an economic girlie-man. If it wasn't for the possibility that an entire state, millions of people, and the entire U.S. economy could go down the toilet as a result of California's Republican-engineered failure, I'd tell Schwarzenegger to take his Hummer and shove it straight up his ass.

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